Ultimate Magical Parenting

11 cara yang tidak terduga, bagaimana menjadi papa-mama yang dicintai & diidolakan anak-anaknya. Ultimate Magical Parenting!

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Ultimate Magical Parenting

11 Qualities That Make Us A Lovable Parents!

BEING a lovable and awesome parent has nothing to do with children. It’s all about you, about how you show the sweetness, never-ending cooperation and the air of prosperity in your relationship with your life-partner (husband/wife) in front of their very eyes, every day.

This is my magnum opus, Ultimate Magical Parenting, a loud reminder for your bland relationship or when your relationship goes bland.

Materi manual Ultimate Magical Parenting:

  1. Installing Awareness
  2. Installing Self-Earning Skill
  3. Installing Negotiating Skill
  4. Let They Live as They Want
  5. Call Your Partner The Sweetest Names
  6. Captivating & Fragrant Appearance for Partner Only
  7. Giving a Consistent Irregular Surprise for Partner
  8. Talking & Laughing for Hours with Partner
  9. Special Dinner with Partner
  10. Daily Shopping with Partner
  11. Holiday Together with Partner
  12. Let Our Children See All of Those Things Happen Before Their Eyes

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